Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Living Desert

This weekend, the hubby and I took our kids out to the Palm Springs area (specifically La Quinta) to visit some friends that live out there.

Let me just say, October is a beautiful time to visit. It is still warm, around 85 degrees, and is very quiet. And while the desert is known for its amazing golf courses and beautiful terrain, we were able to check out another gem of the desert, The Living Desert.

The Living Desert is what they refer to as the zoo out in the Palm Desert area. It is not a massive zoo like in San Diego that has a ton of exhibits, but it has some really cool animals that you can get very close to. Their giraffe exhibit was amazing. Of course, our kids were so excited because they thought they were seeing Melman from Madagascar. They just kept shouting his name while we were standing in front of them. None of them ever responded.

But again, a nice thing about this zoo is that it is small. While I love a great workout as much as the next guy, huffing and puffing while pushing a stroller uphill to see a sleeping tiger (for example) is not my cup of tea. With the Living Desert, it is a manageable walk that even our 4 year old almost made it through. And since it wasn't very crowded, we could let the kids walk around and not fear they were going to be trampled by the masses that might be at another zoo.

Now, I completely understand if you want to head out to the desert and just hang out by the pool and relax. That is what we have always done in the past. But for a change of pace, it was fun to take the kids on a bit of an adventure...then we went and hung out by the pool!
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The Mrs. said...

I will have to go! Love the dessert. Such a great vacay. Have not done it yet with kids! Santa Barbara zoo if fabulous if you haven't been!

Jen @ said...

Just wanted to stop by and let you know that I awarded you the "One Lovely Blog Award". Stop by anytime to "pick it up".

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