Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Advice #4 for Expecting Moms

A month or so ago I asked for your advice for expecting moms. Wow! You all had such great advice. And since I know many of you many have given your advice, but didn't check out the advice others gave, I am going to share this advice on a weekly basis. I will share the advice just as it was shared to me and add my commentary when I find it appropriate.
So here goes...

"My biggest piece of advice is rest when the baby rests- who cares if dinner needs to made-take a nap when baby does. Also learn to shut off and ignore the phone, the texts and emails. Learn to not answer the door and put up a note that says please do not ring bell- baby sleeping- or my husband got a doorbell that plugs in so only the front of the house hears it and does not bother the rest and you can unplug it for complete quiet. Learn to give yourself rest and close your eyes and ignore the world except your family in the home. Everyone wants to see new baby, but they need to understand you need to rest too. "

I agree 100%. There were times, especially in the first few weeks of my kids' lives, that I found myself crying uncontrollably because I couldn't do all the things that I wanted to do. And oddly enough, a nap actually made me feel better.
Thanks for the advice, MOMFOREVERANDEVER. Stay tuned for more helpful tips!
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