Friday, January 11, 2013

Picking a Preschool: A Rookie's Perspective

We're less than a week away from Preschool registration and I'm so excited and so sad that my little ones are growing up. I didn't really think about checking out preschools and just assumed I'd send my child to the preschool where all my friends go. As a teacher, I would have thought more from myself. I know that I still have until September to make a final decision. The preschool I've planned on is also part of our church. I like that I know the teachers and my children feel comfortable and safe there. This particular preschool is 3 days a week either in the morning or afternoon.

Despite not having investigated preschools in our area, I did research what my children needed to be ready for preschool.

I'm partial to this list from

-Practice getting along well with others
-Read to your child every day including stories with rhyme
-Ask predicting questions while reading
-Practice listening skills and following directions
-Create art with paper, crayons, paint and clay
-Practice dot to dot and mazes to develop writing skills
-Last but not least, work on bathroom skills, including potty training

After hearing that other friends are visiting preschools, I think that I should take a look around and see if I'm confident in my decision. I would say the first thing to do is to check with all your friends, family and neighbors and then do a bit of background research on the preschool. Once you have discovered that it is a safe and qualified contender, you can go for a visit. Here are some things to look for.

1. Are they learning the ABC's, 123's?
2. Is there play time every day (imaginative, physical)?
3. Children should have choice of some activities.
4. Are teachers interacting positively with children?
5. Do you see an alignment with your home values?

Good luck with your decision, this is such an exciting time for little ones and their parents.

Posted by Liz

{Stay tuned for "Picking a Preschool: A Veteran's Perspective" coming soon!}


online cadeauwinkel said...

In a preschool, kids learn the new things with joy and also study as they play game. I like the suggestions in this blog.

Leslie Swan said...

Thanks for checking us out, online cadeauwinkel! Please be sure to keep checking back!

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