Thursday, October 25, 2012

Why Moms Shouldn't Just Taken Pictures - But be in Them, Too!

Just a few moments ago, I read a wonderful article by Allison Tate in the Huffington Post about motherhood - specifically about being in photos with our kids.  If I have heard Kelly Ripa say it once, I have heard her (and most moms) say it a thousand times, "I am always the photographer and hardly am in any pictures with my kids."

I must admit, I have avoided many photo opps with my kids because I was feeling run down or hadn't showered in 2 days.  But when I do look back at the pictures that I am in with my kids (the few that there are), while I might initially look at the pajamas I am wearing and my disheveled hair, I can also see the truest, most genuine happiness on my face.

And as my kids have gotten older, I have had other fun photo opportunities like the photo booth at my son's family fun night at school.  I asked my 7-year old son if he would take pictures with me.  I was afraid he would think it was uncool, but instead he grabbed my hand and pulled me into the photo booth.

Here are the pictures we took:

Clearly not my most photogenic pictures, but absolutely some of my favorites!

While I was cleaning up said Family Fun Night as part of my PTA duties, my husband brought the kids home, and my son worked oh-so hard putting this together on his wall above his bed:

BTW, he still has this above his bed...6 months later!  If this doesn't melt your heart and put it all into perspective, I don't know what else would!

I do realize the article was not just about being in pictures.  But I think by realizing just how important you are as a mom, it is easier to get past the extra baby weight we never seem to lose, the gray hair that won't stop growing, and that tired look on our face that only photoshop can seem to erase.  Like it or not, that is the curse and the beauty of motherhood.  And from this day forward, I am choosing to like it!

Reading this article was also a good reminder to pass off the camera to Daddy or someone else that is around to take photos that include Mommy, too!

GIFT IDEA ALERT: Take a photo of you with your child(ren) and give it to your husband as a birthday, Valentine's Day, or Father's Day gift.  (Or you can always just gift it to yourself, too!)  I took a professional photo of my son and I, before our daughter was even born, and loved giving that to the hubby for Valentine's Day one year.  (And by professional, I mean The Picture People!)

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