Monday, October 29, 2012

We've been boo-ed...Have you?

Much to my surprise this weekend, I found an adorable pumpkin full of goodies on our doorstep. There was a note that said that we've been boo-ed.  I've done this at school where the teachers would do it for classrooms, but I've never done it with our neighbors. It is so much fun. 

I love the idea of not knowing what friendly neighbor chose you. Our Halloween tote was filled with a yummy pumpkin cupcake kit, some festive decorations and reflectors for Halloween night. You only have 2 days to return the fun, so I quickly ran to the store to find some spooky treats to return the favor to another family. I put together two totes filled with Halloween socks, crafts, glitter glue, pencils, erasers, and candy, of course! Early Sunday morning, I crept up the walk of 2 families I had in mind. The first was an easy drop, but the next a big black cat was on the porch. I was too nervous to leave a basket full of candy on the porch since the cat didn't move when I went up to the door. I ran back to the car and picked another neighbor around the corner. I sure hope the first house didn't see me! I'll have to put together something special for those kids when they come trick or treating:) 
Join in on the neighborly fun, you still have a few days left until Halloween! 

Boo to you too!

Here are some links for the Boo-ed printables...

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