Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Carnations Get a Bad Rap

Carnations have been tainted in my mind since the days of high school dances.  (Say in your best valley girl voice, "Carnation corsages and boutonnieres are so gross!")

But when used in bunches for arrangements, carnations can be beautiful and fluffy!  I personally love them arranged in a half sphere.  I used these carnation arrangements for a Sip and See baby shower earlier this month and was pretty pleased with how they turned out. 

Oh, and as you probably know, carnations are a great value!  Plus, my arrangement from 2 weeks ago is still alive, kicking and beautiful!  What a great way to add beauty and freshness to your home for a small price!

P.S. Details on the fun Sip and See baby shower are coming soon!

1 comment:

Katherine B said...

I have always loved carnations because they last so long and they are such a neutral can use them in sooo many ways!

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