Tuesday, January 31, 2012

14 Days of Love

I have heard time and time again about how people don't like Valentine's Day because it is a greeting card/roses/candy driven holiday.  And while I, at times, share the same cynical thoughts, I was reminded by someone today that Valentine's Day isn't a day of unmet expectations (or a day to wear black, as many girls seemed to want to do in college).  Instead it is a day to reflect on those whom we love. And other than sharing our feelings, all the other stuff like flowers and candy is a metaphor for a our thoughts.  It's pretty simple when it comes right down to it.

So, with this thought of Valentine's Day being a day to reflect on those that we love (and hopefully, share those feelings of love) why should this sharing of love come on just one day this year?

Enter my idea of 14 Days of Love

The target: my husband of 8 years

My plan: Starting February 1st, I am going to share with him 1 reason why I love him every day until Valentine's Day.  (I know, I was a little intimidated by the idea of coming up with 14 different reasons.  But I think I can muster up that many!)  And I am keeping it simple.  Whether it is a note in his briefcase, a text, or telling him to his face, he is going to know why I love him.  (And I hope it makes him feel special!)

While I am choosing my husband as my main target for the 14 days of love, really, anyone you love can be your target.  Your spouse, child/ren, sibling, parent or friend are fair game.  Feel free to express your love for 14 days...I dare you! 

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