Sunday, October 2, 2011

Paul-E Want a Cracker?

This weekend our daughter got the chance to bring home her preschool bird, Paul-E.  Since they introduced Paul-E to the kids at school, she has been asking to bring him home.

Finally, on Friday the day had come.  Our 3-year old was so excited!  She tried to help carry his cage to the car, but it was a little too heavy.  She talked to Paul-E the whole ride home making sure he was comfortable.

We found a spot in our family room for Paul-E that wasn't on the floor, but low enough for her to interact with Paul-E.  She has been so attentive to Paul-E: talking to him, playing him movies and even singing to him.

I am actually going to be sad to see him go tomorrow morning when we have to bring him back. He has been a nice little friend to have around the house.  

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