Friday, September 16, 2011

Never Pay Full Price - Or At Least Try Really Hard Not To!

We live in a Groupon, Living Social, and Extreme Couponing kind of world these days. And while some take couponing to extremes, I have found that spending an extra couple of minutes googling a coupon code to be quite fruitful.

While on a recent trip to the San Francisco Bay Area to visit with family, Grandma and Grandpa were fully prepared to pay full price for their admission tickets to Gilroy Gardens (a fun little amusement park just south of San Jose). I said, "Full price!?! Are you insane!?! There has got to be a discount that is running on tickets somewhere."

Sure enough, I googled "Gilroy Gardens Coupons" and was able to find a half-off general admission promotion. Money saved.

We had a similar situation the next day when we decided to go to the California Academy of Arts and Sciences in San Francisco. I searched for coupon codes, and sure enough was able to find discounted tickets I was able to purchase and print at home. Saved money and time by printing at home.

This summer, I found that online shopping was truly my friend because taking the kids anywhere can get a bit stressful and, let's face, is not at all enjoyable. So, when I buy things online, before checking out, I always search for coupon codes. is one website I have found to have some of the best coupon code information for national retailers.

So this money-saving idea has worked well for me.  What works well for you?  I would love to hear!

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The Mrs. said...

You are so right. Sometimes it's so easy to find them! You'd be stupid not to do it! I get addicted and sometimes will not stop until I find a coupon!! LOL

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