Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tooth #2 Bites the Dust

As I mentioned on Monday, I took my kids in for their 6-month check up at the dentist. While we were there, the dentist noticed my son's shark tooth (that is, the second row tooth that had already sprouted with the baby tooth still in place). The dentist pointed out how the tooth wasn't loose at all and that if after a few months he had still not lost that tooth, he might want to extract it.

Well, wouldn't you know, that baby tooth became very loose on Monday evening - much to my son's delight! The past couple of days I had been helping him floss around the tooth in hopes of it getting looser. And tonight, while flossing, my son decided to jerk the dental floss out of his mouth. That jerking motion popped the tooth right out!

He was so excited! Even with blood coming from his mouth, all he could do was stare at his newly extracted baby tooth. But instead of putting it in his special tooth fairy pillow, he decided that he wants to bring it to school tomorrow to share with his friends. That's a new one!

I told him I wasn't sure if the tooth fairy would like having to wait an extra day to get the tooth, but Daddy cleverly reminded us that he could put a good word into the tooth fairy so that she would wait the extra day. That Daddy is one smart cookie!

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