Monday, March 7, 2011

Rango - So Good It Put Me to Sleep

Our kids begged and begged us to see Rango this weekend since it came out on Friday. And since my husband hadn't been to the movies with the kids and quite some time, he gave in to their opening weekend demands.

My final verdict: Skip it.

I wasn't exactly thrilled about going to see the movie to begin with. But after seeing it, I was even less thrilled. The movie seemed so targeted at kids, but it really wasn't appropriate for an almost 6 year old and 3 year old. The line that stood out that was most inappropriate was, "Go to hell." Yeah, that's not a phrase I want the kids to use on the playground any time soon. And then there was the rather scary snake - naturally he was named "Jake." When he appeared, I really contemplated taking the kids out of the theater in fear of this character causing a streak of nightmares. Again, it was just not appropriate for 3 and almost 6 year olds.

My 3 year old fell asleep for about 45 minutes of the movie (not quite half), and I nodded off on many occasions. Maybe I was hoping for something more like MegaMind or Despicable know entertaining. I thought the movie was much more suited for adults than kids.

I will admit, I enjoy most of the movies my kids like...Enchanted, MegaMind, Shrek 1,2,3, and Ever After, and Tangled. But I did not enjoy this movie in the least bit. We have purchased nearly every movie the kids have seen in the theater. But Rango is definitely not a movie I will purchase for them.

Sorry, Rango. You don't get this mommy's stamp of approval.

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Mami2jcn said...

Our family totally agrees! I didn't see it (I stayed home with our baby) but my husband took our sons (ages 6 & 7). They were excited to see it but were very disappointed. They told me they thought it was way too long. My husband was appalled at the bad language. Also, he said there were some little creatures hanging from nooses at one point, and some references to hangings. So very inappropriate for a kids' movie!

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