Monday, March 7, 2011

The Bachelor: The Women Tell All Awesomeness

The first 20 minutes of this episode were awesome! The recap of what old cast members were up to was great. Did you catch the fact that Vienna slept with Wes behind her friend, Gia's back? I love the skanky drama! I can't wait for The Bachelor Pad this summer. Wes and Vienna have certainly secured their spots on this next season.

And did you notice that Jesse from Canada had her arm around wrestler, Justin, from Ali's season? Do you recall that Jesse was the one that called Ali to let her know that Justin had a girlfriend back home? And yet now they are cozy at the Bachelor reunion party in NYC??? That's fishy...

Now on to the ladies of this season. Chris Harrison had a nice smirk on his face as Michelle was crying uncontrollably. It was like he was thinking that he had struck TV gold. It was interesting to hear that Michelle's outrageous comments were her being sarcastic. As a sarcastic person, I can sympathize with an extent. I do think she was a victim of editing.

The new Ashley H. sported a new 'do and a new attitude. She shouldn't have any difficulty finding a new beau.

I was shocked that Shawntel didn't say a single word. If she did, they didn't show it. My husband threw out the theory that she might be the new Bachelorette. But I don't agree. Unfortunately, a funeral director starring in a dating show would make better ratings on Syfy network.

And finally, Brad said he is in love with the woman he picked more and more everyday. So who do you think it is?

My 50-50 guess is Chantal. I know that the producers have edited the show to look like Emily is coming on strong at the end, but he still seems most comfortable and himself with Chantal. Naturally, this is all based on what the editors choose to show us, but I am sticking to it.

Do you think the next show will be The Bachelor or The Bachelorette? My money is on The Bachelor. It gets better ratings and women love watching the drama of other women.

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Impulsive Addict said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bachelor Pad! I was so addicted to it last summer! It's the perfect white trash reality show!

I really hope he picks Emily but I'm hearing more and more people say Chantal. But Emily is so sweet and perfect and she's already had a hard life. I hope he doesn't break her heart. I can't wait until Monday!

The Futon Shop San Jose said...

Well as for me being a guy and all I have been watching it from the first show and it is a good show to me at least. The show has a lot of ins trusting thing that do and will happen threw out the show that is why I like to watch the show. I think that brad might just not pick either one of the sexy girls.

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