Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our Appendectomy Weekend

5:00am: 3-year old daughter crying for me telling me her tummy hurts. She says she has to go #2, but as I help her on the toilet, she begins crying hysterically and says she doesn't need to go anymore. She points to the lower right quadrant of her tummy area to tell us where it hurts the most. She is able to fall back asleep.

7:00am: Both kids wake up and 3-year old daughter is crying in pain that her tummy hurts and she needs to go #2 but freaks out when she tries to go again. I call the on-call nurse for her pediatrician. The nurse asks if it hurts when we apply pressure to the area. Yes. The nurse asks for her to stand up and hop like a bunny. But when she goes to sit up, her tummy hurts. She tells us we should take her to the ER.

8:00am: Arrive at the Emergency Room

9:00am: Ultrasound

9:35am: 3-year old starts singing and says her tummy doesn't really hurt anymore.

10:15am: ER Pediatrician comes in to tell us her ultrasound looks "suspicious"

10:30am: first of 4 attempts to draw blood and get an IV started

noon: Admitted and moved up to pediatric floor (she sleeps on the way up)

2:45pm: She is wheeled into surgery

3:45pm: We are able to see her after surgery

4:00pm: She wakes up from surgery

6:00pm: Gets a visit from her big brother

8pm: She finishes her 7th Popsicle (the only thing she liked on the clear liquid diet)

8:00am: She is playing in the playroom at the pediatric floor

9:00am: She is eating eggs and pancakes

1:00pm: Gets a follow-up visit from the surgeon who says she is recovering well

2:30: Discharged and on our way to the Disney Store for a post-surgery reward

3:15pm: Asleep on the way home after a long, exhausting weekend


funfavorites said...

Poor baby, what a weekend! So glad she is on the mend.

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

Wishing her a speedy recovery. Sounds like you lucked out and got a pretty smart nurse on the other end of that phone.

The Mrs. said...

Poor darling!!!

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