Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween, Here We Come

On Friday, the kids had two opportunities to wear their costumes. The first was bright and early in the morning at my son's elementary school Halloween parade. Naturally, our daughter had to wear her Snow White costume to the event as well.

She was amazed to see that our son's teacher was wearing the same Snow White costume. Like any true woman, at first she wasn't thrilled to be caught in a game of "who wore it best," but then she realized how cool it was and couldn't take her eyes off his teacher.

Then, later in the evening, the elementary school held its first Family Fun Night of the year, and of course, our kids had to wear their costumes to that as well. Notice, our son changed it up from morning to night. He is quite the man of mystery!

Now on to tomorrow night and the real deal: trick or treating!

Happy Halloween!

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