Sunday, September 12, 2010

Grown Ups Can Have Fun Birthdays, Too!

Every year we take my son and daughter to Disneyland for their birthdays. (This is one of the many benefits of living in Southern California.) This year, that is what I decided I wanted to do for my birthday, too!

Typically, we do the standard grown-up birthday dinner with friends and perhaps go to a bar or club afterwards. But this year, I wanted to shake things up a bit and we went to Disneyland and California Adventure.

We had such a blast! Obviously, Disneyland is called "the happiest place on earth" for a reason. But sometimes, as a parent, it doesn't always feel that way, especially when your child is having a meltdown or you just can't find the diaper rash creme because it is at the very bottom of your diaper bag, or maybe when you go by "big kid" rides like California Screamin' and wish you could just go on it.

Don't get me wrong, I love all the "kiddie" rides. But oh what fun we had on the "big kid" rides. And one of the best parts...California Adventure has a full bar in the Ariel's Grotto area and also sells beer, wine and frozen margaritas. So I was relaxed and having a blast!

Our kids have not been able to stay up late enough to see the fireworks display, and what an amazing sight that was. We stayed until the park closed and drove home happy and exhausted.

For your next birthday, I highly recommend visiting your local amusement park with just a group of adults. Many of us are parents all day...give yourself a time to be a kid again.

Images courtesy of Disney

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