Tuesday, August 24, 2010

When in Doubt, What Would Friends Do?

So I have been sitting on a magazine subscription that I purchased from my son's school fundraiser from last October!

I decided tonight was the night to finally order the magazine...and finally throw away the paperwork that went with it.

I went online and selected my magazine. When I got to the addressee information, for some reason, the system could not accept that I wanted the subscription to be sent to me, and required me to enter "friend's name." After entering my own name and address several times and consistently getting an error message, it came to me. An idea, that is, from an episode of Friends.

On this episode, Chandler and Joey were playing a trivia game about each other with Monica and Rachel. The question was who gets the TV Guide each week. And while Rachel knew that it was Chandler, she got the answer wrong because the TV Guide was addressed to "Ms. Chanandler Bong."

So, in 2-8 weeks "Total Hottie" is going to get InStyle magazine delivered. Let's just hope the mail carrier doesn't return it to sender! (I wish I could have come up with something better than that!)

1 comment:

Full Time Everything said...

That's funny! But that's a good choice. It suits you!

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