Thursday, August 26, 2010

Moving Tips...Making Good Use of Wardrobe Boxes

If you choose to hire movers, which I highly recommend if it fits in your budget, then take advantage of the free wardrobe boxes they provide.

All of the companies I received free estimates from provided enough wardrobe boxes for all of your hanging clothes. And that can save you a lot of money on boxes! The only hitch, with most companies, you have to return the wardrobe boxes before the moving truck leaves your new home.

With all that in mind, I found a great way to save space and money using wardrobe boxes. As you can imagine, wardrobe boxes have to be tall enough to store long dresses, long coats, etc. But what about the regular old shirts/blouses you might wear? There is a huge open space at the bottom of the box.

So here's my tip: fill the bottom of the wardrobe box with anything that will fit in it. For example, I filled the bottom of my wardrobe boxes with shoes, and shoes, basically anything in our closet, and more shoes. Of course, I had to make sure that I filled the bottom only as high as the clothing would allow. I didn't want the clothes to suffer.

But when all was said and done, we used 12 wardrobe boxes in our master closet (I know, we have too many clothes!) and only 1 regular box of miscellaneous items that needed to be packed separately!

And because the wardrobe boxes had to be unpacked immediately, everything from our closet was available and already in the our new closet. (Having to return the wardrobe boxes that day is a great unpacking motivation!)

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