Friday, August 20, 2010

He Can Read!

This morning, we had a great time spending a few hours at one of our favorite places...Disneyland. (Yes, it is a perk of living just 25 minutes away!)

And while the rides were lots of fun and the weather was nice, the best part of my day there was my 5-year old son reading signs all over the park. We walked up to the security point, and he said, "Look, Mom, 'World of Color.'" That's what the sign said, and I couldn't believe he knew it, too.
Then, as we were waiting in line for Toy Story Mania, he noticed another sign and said, "Hot Dog Hut." Now I know he has seen the words hot dog all over the place, but hut? I can't say he has seen many of those.

I guess he really is getting ready for kindergarten in a couple of weeks! (Side note: I did get him enrolled at his new school for kindergarten yesterday. Yippee!)

Happy Friday!
P.S. I can't leave out my crazy little girl!

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