Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Bachelor Pad...Could it Be More Awesome!?!

The creators of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have struck gold again! I think The Bachelor Pad is even better entertainment than its predecessors! Some of the shows greatest people that you loved to watch, and even those that you loved to hate! Oh, and so far, it seems like all they do is hang out in the pool and drink. Bikinis and booze are always a great mix for reality TV.

Drama, love, and competitions...what more could you want? Oh, that's right, they couldn't leave out the red roses! Classic! Of course, there are the pyschos on the show, too. Michelle from Jake's season of the Bachelor was already booted off. But keep your eye on Elizabeth from Jake's season as well. She used to be a brunette and is now a wild and crazy blonde. (Crazy is the operative word in that sentence! Or should I say, appears crazy on the show. Editing does have a sneaky way of painting an untrue picture.)

If you have watched any of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette series, you are certainly going to love The Bachelor Pad!

Image courtesy of ABC.com

1 comment:

nanny said...

I thought it was gonna be just way too dramatic but I watched it last night and I think I am hooked again!!!!!!!!

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