Thursday, August 12, 2010

Moving Tips...I've Got a Few

Unpacking = not a lot of fun.

It was fun the first few days. But now that I am trying to get back to a normal routine and am still surrounded by boxes, I find that it is tough to do the things I am used to doing - like blogging!

So, I have decided I am going to share my moving tips with you one at a time. If I tried to share them all at once, I would never get it done. So just like with packing, moving, and unpacking, I will take it one step/tip at a time.

Moving Tip #1:
Hire movers - especially if you have kids! Make sure to do your research about the moving company and get at least 3 free in-home estimates. (I got 6, but I am a freak like that.) They all use the same calculations for coming up with their pricing (they use pounds to compute the amount of man hours it will take to do the move). Then compare the estimates and see which one seems most accurate for your "stuff" and what best fits your budget. You don't always want to go with the cheapest or the most expensive. We found that going with the company in the middle worked best for us.

We used Burgess Moving and Storage and I can't say enough great things about their services. From the representative that came to our home, to the packers and movers, they truly made the experience as easy and comfortable as it possibly could have been. So if you are moving in the Southern California area, I highly recommend contacting Burgess.

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