Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Wonder Hanger - Not As Wonderful as I Hoped

If you have ever watched cable TV (E! is my staple), you have probably seen a ton of infomercials, including one for the Wonder Hanger. The Wonder Hanger is supposed to give you three times the space in your closet.
I decided to try this product because my kids started to accumulate way too many sweaters and jackets in our coat closet, and I was getting frustrated at how much space they were taking up width-wise, but not length-wise.
As you can see from the picture above, the jackets/sweaters fit much easier in my coat closet and do take up less room width-wise and utilize more room length-wise.
But what about when you want to pull the Wonder Hanger up so that you can easily grab an item? This is what I found to be a bit more challenging. I feel like my coat closet is stuffed enough at this point, and as you can see from the picture above, it is a little bit cumbersome lifting the Wonder Hanger back up so that your items are stretched out again length-wise.
And I don't know if I have a larger than usual closet hanging rod, but the metal hanging hook scrapes the hanging rod every time I put it up or take it down. I really don't like scratching the hanging rod. It almost has the same feeling as nails scratching on a chalkboard. Yuck! As a result, I typically just keep the Wonder Hanger in the down position, which can make hanging items back up a challenge.
I haven't tried it for purses yet. I think that could be a beneficial way of using it, too.
Overall grade: B
If you have thoughts about the Wonder Hanger, please fell free to share. If I am doing something wrong, or you have found another great use for it, please let us all know!

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nanny said...

Wow....It doesn't look like you could do anything different to make it better....Wonder Hanger...I think not! Thanks for sharing.....

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