Monday, March 29, 2010

Dancing with the Stars Judging...I Don't Get it

I will admit that I only watched the last three dancers on Dancing with the Stars tonight (Pamela Anderson, Chad Ochocinco, and Kate Gosselin, but I really don't understand the scoring. Chad Ochocinco was definitely not great, but at least he remembered all his steps and wasn't asking questions during the dance like Kate Gosselin. And yet, he got just one more point than Kate did.

I feel really bad for Gosselin because she missed so many of her steps and looked so uncomfortable...but the judges didn't reflect it in their scoring. I also feel bad about the piece they showed of her and her dancing partner getting frustrated with one another. It just perpetuates the perception of her being a difficult person to deal with - which is the last thing she wants.

I could see where she deserved a total score of 15 tonight. But if that is the standard, then Chad Ochocinco deserved a higher score that 16. (BTW - I also think he was robbed last week because he was the first dancer. And no, I am not a closet Cincinnati Bengals or Chad Ochocinco fan and I think it is utterly ridiculous that he legally changed his last name to Ochocinco to correspond with his football number in Spanish.)

And on another note, I am not claiming that I can do better than any of the other dancers on the show. I just think that the scoring is inconsistent on the show...that is all.

That is my editorial on the last two dancers!

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nanny said...

I'm still upset cause Melissa isn't a co-host!!!

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