Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mommy's Princess Book

It's 2 year old daughter is in full-fledged princess mode. If you were to ask my daughter what her name is, without hesitation she would say, "Snow White."

We read princess books, watch princess movies, talk on princess phones. For the most part it is really cute, and I was pleasantly surprised when she took a liking to a more personal princess book.
About a week ago, she noticed a big book on one of our bookshelves and asked to see it. The big book she noticed was our wedding album. I opened the book to the first page and she looked at me with astonishment, "Mommy, you a princess?!?" When I flipped to the next page, her comment turned from a question to a comment, "Mommy, you a princess!"

We went through the entire album, and she said, "Read it again!" I will admit, I was thrilled to show somebody the wedding album that hasn't been cracked open in nearly 7 seven years. (Well, that's kind of a lie. I crack it open every now and again to remember the glory days...ahhh.)

The next morning, when my daughter woke up, she asked, "Can we read mommy's princess book?" At first, I didn't quite understand what she was saying, until she walked me over to the wedding album. And of course, I am more than happy to show her all the pictures again and again.

It's funny, I always thought you needed a prince to feel like a princess. But it turns out, a princess in training can make you feel that way, too!
Images courtesy of Aquario Studio


Sarah said...

So sweet. Love your princess pictures.. beautiful.
l have two boys so we don't do the princess thing but my nieces are getting closer to it and I can't wait.

Houses, Couches and Babies said...

Oh, another funny detail about my daughter (aka Snow White) and her love of the Disney princesses. She will lay down just about anywhere pretending that she is Snow White. She will wait until someone says they are the handsome prince to give her a kiss. Then she can get up. What a crazy girl!

nanny said...

What a sweet story.....and your pictures are beautiful....prince and princess!!!

Keri said...

How sweet! I hope my baby girl wants to look at my wedding album when she gets older, too. (she is only 6 months old!) Adorable story!

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