Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Post Baby Belly...When Will it Go Away?!?

After talking with a girlfriend who recently had a baby and watching Kendra on E!, I am reminded of that blessed time right after you have had your baby. Not only do you have your most precious baby, but you still have a baby bump as well (and it's usually a lot mushier than it was when you were pregnant. Ugh!).

I suppose it makes sense, since most of the women I know gained 30-40 pounds during pregnancy and then had a 6-8 pound baby. But mentally, as a new mom, you still aren't prepared for it. I know I wasn't. I expected/hoped the baby would come out and all the weight would fall out right along with it. But as many of the moms that came before reminded me, "It took 9 months for you to gain the weight, it is going to take a while for the weight to come off."

Blah, blah, blah...but it's true. And now I pass the same advice on to those moms who come after me.

The key thing to remember is to take care of yourself and your baby. I will admit that nursing really helped me get rid of the baby belly. Nursing helps contract your uterus, which is why you can get those lovely cramps while you are nursing! But contracting can be good because it is also helping the uterus shrink back down to a normal size...or as normal as it is going to get. While you are in the hospital and in the 2-3 weeks after having the baby, massaging your belly/uterus can help with the cramps and also help it shrink down to its new size - or so I was told by the nurses when I was in the hospital with #2.

And I hate to scare anyone that is pregnant, but I must warn you that your post baby body will be different from your pre-baby body. This doesn't mean that your body gets better or worse - just different!

When it comes to exercising after having your baby, be sure to consult with your doctor before doing anything. What you are able to do after having a baby is highly dependent on what you were able to do before and during your pregnancy. I think the key thing to remember is moderation and starting off slow. Your body will be exhausted from working so hard as a new mommy that you need to focus on getting rest. But taking the baby for a walk in the stroller is a great way to get some fresh air, a change in scenery, and your blood flowing a bit.

I am happy to report that after having my second child, my body seemed to bounce back faster than after I had my first. (Perhaps chasing my first child around helped shed the weight faster!)

But every woman is different and every body is different. After having a baby, it is best to just take care of yourself and your beautiful little bundle of joy!
P.S. I threw in the picture above to show that it is okay to look exhausted, in pajamas/sweats and without make-up after you have had a baby. It's life as a new mommy...get used to it!

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The Mrs. said...

Holy moly. Boy did my body change and NOT for the better! hello tummy tuck!

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