Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another One of Those "Awww" Moments

Today was one of those days when I wanted to get a lot done and got frustrated when I got side-tracked.

Having two kids, I obviously got side-tracked on more than one occasion, and thus got frustrated. (The hubby has been out of town for the past few days on a business trip so I began counting down the seconds until his car pulled into the garage.)

But tonight at dinner, after the kids complained when I told them they were going to watch the President on TV because Mommy wanted to watch the State of the Union Address, we settled in for a nice dinner and I had one of those "awww" moments. (I thought it was important for my son to see "The Rock of Bama." That is somehow what he remembers our President's name to be. And since he is so close and sounds so cute saying it, we don't always correct him.)

The kids asked me to sit in between them at dinner, and instead of protesting for my own space, I gave in for once. And once I sat down, I was glad I gave in. My 4-year old son started gradually making his way onto my lap while my 2-year old daughter held my hand, interlocking our fingers while nuzzling her cheek on my shoulder. Yes, all this while eating dinner and watching the State of the Union Address.

As I was sitting there, I took mental note of what was important. The errands that I ran today...not so important. The errands that I wanted to run and didn't get around to...still not so important. These loving, cuddling moments with my two little ones that will soon enough be asking me not to touch them or kiss them in public...very important.


nanny said...

Oh what a special dinner you had....melted your heart, uh?

funfavorites said...

You made me cry:)

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