Monday, January 25, 2010

Advice #10 for Expecting Moms

This week's advice for expecting moms comes from Rachel in Maryland. I really couldn't have said it much better than this, so I will leave it to her words:

"The best advice I could give is to not have many expectations. Before my first son was born I was a perfectionist who worried over everything. Before he was born I had planned out how everything would be! Life with children is anything, but predictable. Just enjoy the time you have with them, be very flexible and expect the unexpected (in a good way)."

Thanks, Rachel! And if you missed any of the past advice, be sure to check out all of your Advice for Expecting Mommies.

P.S. Above is the trailer for the movie, Parenthood, for your amusement. It makes a lot more sense now that it did 20 years ago!

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