Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Heidi Montag's First TV Appearance Since 10 Plastic Surgery Procedures...in One Day!

What happened to this girl??? This is Heidi Montag when she first started appearing on The Hills (pre-Spencer, I might add).

Last week, I was shocked to hear that Heidi Montag is on the cover of People magazine because she is obsessed with plastic surgery. Apparently, she had 10 procedures done in a 10-hour surgery this past November - and is actually proud to admit it.

She is only 23! What is she going to do when she hits 35 and gravity really hits?!?! I thought people were supposed to get plastic surgery to look younger, not older. One of her many procedures included liposuction. Really, you can't hit the gym like the rest of The Hills co-stars? (Photographers can take enough pictures of Audrina Patridge working out!)

She finally appeared on TV for the first time after her 10-hour plastic surgery on Good Morning America today. If you missed it, click here to check it out.

It is really sad to see her and her plastic surgeon (Dr. Ryan) talking about how she actually looks better now. Her face shows no emotion and she looks absolutely lifeless. It disturbs me that a plastic surgeon has done so many surgeries that he thinks this actually looks pretty and not totally fake. I would certainly not want to get any plastic surgery done by a guy who does this kind of work.

Of course, it isn't shocking that the timing of the People magazine cover was lined up with the release of her first album, Superficial. (Fitting title, in deed.)

The saddest part about all of this is that as I talk about her, she and her scheming husband are laughing all the way to the bank. They were banned from E! News last year because of all their shenanigans, but every other media outlet is talking about them. What a joke.

But I guess Speidi would rather be seen in the public eye as a joke than not in the public eye at all. I guess is it "reality" TV at its finest!

Image from HeidiMontagfan.com and ABCNews.go/GMA


jen @ ourfinehouse said...

Augh. She looks like a robot. She needs therapy, not surgery!

The Mrs. said...

She is such a tragic figure. The fact that her own mother wouldn't recognize her right now is sad. She mentioned being teased as a young girl, hello? Go to therapy? You don't need to alter your whole appearance. This is so disturbing to me! She looks live an avatar of herself!

nanny said...

Saw that this morning....She was actually pretty....presurgery! Now she is just plain, no features or character!

Houses, Couches and Babies said...

I totally agree about the therapy idea. Apparently, her husband (the root of all this evil) told her she should go to therapy instead of getting all this work done but she went ahead with it anyway. Oh, and this story appeared on E!News...totally ending their streak of not covering any Speidi news.

Clare said...

i didn't know they were banned from e!news. i saw this story too, and thought it was CRAZY! she looks so lifeless now. and she was really cute to begin with!

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