Sunday, August 30, 2009

No Doubt Still Rocks Steady

It has been 5 years since I last saw No Doubt in concert...and a lot has happened since then. No Doubt took a break, Gwen Stefani had an amazing solo career, oh, and she and I both had 2 kids. (Who knew we had so much in common!?!)

I will admit, my husband was a fan long before I was...attending their performances at warehouses and even house parties when they were still small. In fact, No Doubt played at a party my husband's fraternity threw in the very early 90's. It didn't take much to get me to jump on the No Doubt bandwagon. One concert at The Joint in Las Vegas and I was hooked.

And when we found out they were going back out on tour, we were excited to see them again live. We are even pretty fortunate that we live in Southern California and were able to see them perform at home in Orange County, Calif.

The band came out on a ultra chic all-white stage singing Spiderwebs and I couldn't take my eyes off Gwen Stefani's abs. I really hope her personal trainer has a waiting list a mile long because that guy is really doing his job. From the first minute of the concert to the last, Stefani was jumping and dancing all over the stage.

They didn't play any of Stefani's solo stuff, and they didn't really play any of the band's early stuff (which was kind of a bummer). But if you are looking for the greatest pop hits of No Doubt, the concert is jam packed! If you even just like No Doubt a teeny little bit, I highly recommend going to the is great!

P.S. Yes, for those of you who know that No Doubt was in Southern California at the end of July, I know I went to the concert over a month ago. This is one of those cases where I meant to post this and forgot to...whoops! Forgive me!

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