Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Everything is Better on a Stick

Looking for a way to jazz up your kid's lunch? Put it on a stick!
While my son was playing a video game at nickjr.com, he stumbled upon a recipe for something called "Tang-Hulu." The recipe called for different types of fruit and a sugary glaze. However, I decided to skip the glaze (because it sounded messy) and just put my son's favorite fruits on a stick.

And let me tell you...what a difference! I asked my son if he wanted apple slices after dinner tonight, and he replied, "no." Then I asked if he wanted Tang-Hulu and he immediately started to list off all the fruits he wanted on his stick.

Now, here are the simple instructions for making skewers for your kids:

  1. Purchase bamboo skewers
  2. Cut up into bite-sized pieces the items you want to put on the skewer (fruits, veggies, meats, candies, etc.)
  3. Place the foods on the skewer (if you think your child can handle it, let him/her place the foods on the skewers)
  4. Make sure to cut off the pointed tip of the skewer so that your child won't get hurt
  5. Come up with a creative name for your skewer (i.e. Tang-Hulu); maybe even let your child name your edible creation

Of course, you should always watch your child eat from the skewer to make sure they don't hurt his/herself.

And if you are having a tough time getting your child to eat vegetables, this is the perfect way to make it more exciting.

These skewers can also make for beautiful decorations at a party. My favorite party favors are candy skewers! Yummy!

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