Monday, June 29, 2009

Simple Solution for that Necklace Mess

Some of you may be highly organized with all of your jewelry. Well, I am not. I have a jewelry box, and all of my "finer" jewelry are kept in their original cases/boxes. But my not-so-expensive jewelry is all over the place. And most of the time, earrings and necklaces are in little plastic bags or boxes so that when we go somewhere they can be transported easily. (Oh yes, I have a travel jewelry box, but of course I don't use it!)

One of the most frustrating things about my lack of organization is how necklaces get tangled up with each other. Most of the time, I won't even both putting on a necklace because I don't want to bother with the Rubik's cube like moves I have to make to get them apart.

So, I came up with a solution. I went to Bed Bath and Beyond, bought a tie rack and hung it up right next to my husband's tie rack in our closet. (And I did hang it high enough so that my little ones' grabbing hands can't reach anything!)

I will admit, I got this idea from a girlfriend who did this in her closet as well as another friends' closet to help prevent the very same mess I was going through. It just took me two years to actually put the idea into practice!

The verdict: I love it! My necklaces are now right by my clothes and are hanging so nicely. And when I am rushing to get ready because I am late (as usual), I at least won't have to run around figuring out where my necklaces are. (I will save that rushing around for my earrings!)

1 comment:

funfavorites said...

Great idea, I'm going to do this. I never remember what I own because it is stored in boxes and in drawers.

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