Saturday, July 11, 2009

A 90-Minute Project Turns into a 12-Hour Ordeal

As the strollers piled up in our garage, my husband's car managed to lose its spot in the garage. (Don't worry, my car still has a spot!) But we decided to finally do something about it.

After nearly two years of talking about it, we finally bought an outdoor shed. Woo hoo! I know, it is an extremely exciting purchase. It is right up there with Tiffany jewelry. (If you didn't sense my sarcasm in any of that, please realize it now.)

We decided to buy the Rubbermaid Big Max shed because it is 7'x7'x7' (very lucky, I am sure) and Home Depot had it on sale for 100 bucks off the regular price. They had me at "sale." Because it comes in a box that weighs 300 pounds (that detail according to my husband), we opted to have the un-assembled shed delivered. That delivery, naturally, ate into all of our sale savings, but at least we didn't have to rent a big enough truck to haul this thing.

So, it was delivered yesterday morning at 7:15a.m. My husband went outside to the backyard to assemble this monstrosity at 9:45.m. today. The directions said it would take two people 90 minutes to put this thing together. As I look at the clock now, it is 10:03p.m. and my husband is still outside putting the finishing touches on this thing.

Hmmm. 90 minutes vs. 12 hours. I don't really think they are the same amount of time. Granted, he did do a lot of the job by himself. I helped him twice for 15 minutes at a time and our neighbor helped him for the last two hours. And he did take a few breaks to eat dinner, help out with bath time, and make popcorn for the kids' during movie time. But come on, where on earth did they get 90 minutes outdoor shed pit crew time trial??

As a matter of fact, my husband just walked in and saw that I was writing about his wonderful assembly experience and laughed. He told me it was definitely a two person job. Oh yeah, and he is glad that it is over. I'd say there are two of us that are glad it is over! Now we need to cross our fingers and hope that it is enough space to hold everything in the garage!

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