Monday, July 13, 2009

Thank You Regis and Kelly!!!

I don't want to brag but I am so excited that I can't not share with you some exciting news.
I will admit that I am a super big geek and love entering contests, hence why I like to have giveaways and contests. For the past 7 years I have entered all the Travel Trivia games that have been on Live with Regis and Kelly.

Almost 4 years ago, I was thrilled when I won a trip to Hollywood, FL. I know, it doesn't sound that exciting, but it was actually a beautiful place and we were well taken care of while we were there.

So between October 2005 and now I have entered all of their trivia contests hoping I would win another prize.

This morning, I finally got the wake up call that I was hoping for. At 6:19 a.m. PST our phone rang. My husband grabbed it and handed it to me. In the past couple of weeks, I had felt like I was really due to get the call from their show again, so I prepped my husband telling him to let me answer the phone. As I turned on the phone I could already hear Regis talking in the background when I said hello. I was ecstatic! I was on the phone with Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa!

I talked to them for about a minute answering their questions. As part of the contest, you had to submit a photo, and I had submitted a picture of me in the cockpit of an airplane (see above). Why that picture, you ask? Well, for starters, it is one of the few pictures I have of just myself. Plus, I thought it might be a memorable picture that would catch someone's eye. So they asked me if I was a pilot, and naturally I had to tell them no.

Then it was time to answer the question: What show did Tom Cavanagh star in that Kelly (Ripa) also appeared in? I had recorded the episode that Tom Cavanagh was on this past Friday but luckily I knew the answer anyway. He was on Ed.

Woo hoo! Turtle Bay Resort in Hawaii here we come!
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nanny said...

That is so exciting!!! i wish I had been watching that day!!!!!

funfavorites said...

Way to go, you're so smart! What a great vacation. I watched with my mom and she just kept saying that's such a great trip!

The Mrs. said...

Shut up!!!! That is so damn exciting!!!

Anonymous said...

I was watching that day. It was so funny -- they thought your husband was mad !

The Turtle Bay prize is, in my opinion, the best one !!

Enjoy -- now I'm going to enter too !

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