Monday, May 25, 2009

Time for Better Batter Baseball

On Saturday we had the Meet and Greet for my son's T-ball team this summer. He played last year, so I feel good knowing at least somewhat of what I can expect. Last summer was a little rough because my son was definitely more into picking grass than playing baseball.

But a few weeks ago I was delighted when he saw a commercial for Fisher-Price's Better Batter Baseball and said he had to have that toy. (Sure he wants every other toy he sees on TV, but for once, I was excited about the toy, too.)

He already has a baseball tee, but he really doesn't like to use it. On the other hand, he loves to use Better Batter Baseball because it has music and it talks. It actually coaches how to get ready to hit the ball, and by the time daddy got home he could repeat all of the coaching and hit the ball with ease. And again, he liked it!

Of course, my 18-month old daughter can't be left out of the equation, so she loves shagging the balls after he hits.

So, if you want to get your little one excited about baseball, I highly recommend checking out Better Batter Baseball.

[In fair balance, there is one part of the toy that doesn't work well. The Velcro on the end of the arm (the Velcro snags the ball) detaches pretty easily, so investing in some Velcro strips is a good idea.]


funfavorites said...

My nephew might like this. Thanks for the info.

jiji said...
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