Friday, May 15, 2009

Emotionally Spent After Two Season Finales

Okay, I will admit that I am a bit pathetic and was glued to the tube the past two nights...hence no post. But the LOST season finale was on Wednesday and last night was Grey's Anatomy. Of course, both were two hours, so there was a lot of time investment for me.

First of all, I know I was probably the only one who watched the first hour of LOST since the rest of the world seemed to be watching Danny Gokey get eliminated on American Idol (news flash: you would have figured it out when you only saw Adam and Kris at the finale next Tuesday). But I have to say that my investment in LOST the past few seasons is finally starting to pay off. I tried to explain to my husband what happened in the finale, but since he doesn't watch, he was so lost (kind of ironic) that I stopped even trying.
When I went to bed on Wednesday night, I was so mentally and emotionally connected to LOST, I had dreams about being on a plane with several of the LOST characters' family. (For example, Sun's parents' with her baby...random, I know.) And since trying to explain the show to anyone who hasn't watched the entire thing would be an entire bore, all I can say is wow! This season has started piecing things together and I am finally feeling some satisfaction from the show..finally! Now we only have to wait until 2010 for the last season to air - which is actually quite brilliant because the will get great ratings showing their cliff's notes' versions of this season's episodes to warm up to the next season.
Then there was Grey's Anatomy last night. Everyone remembers hearing that Katharine Heigl and T.R. Knight wanted out of the show, but unlike Desperate Housewives who totally let the cat out of the bag before Nicolette Sheridan's character died on the show, the producers and actors kept everything hush hush. Obviously, it seemed like Heigl's character, Izzy, was going to lose her battle with cancer, but it was nice to see that Knight's character, George, was going to go off to the Army with the chance of coming back to the show. Well, that is until he became the character that got hit by a bus!! In a show that has become somewhat predictable this season, it is safe to say I didn't see that one coming at all! But I am so sad they had to make him go like that. All actors/actresses should keep this episode in mind when thinking of crossing "Shondaland," aka Shonda Rhimes, the show creator.

Kudos to both shows...I was hooked the entire 4 hours!
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oharakim said...

I didn't watch...was Izzy killed too??? Or just George??? I bummed I forgot to DVR it!

nanny said...

Are they both leaving for sure???

Houses, Couches and Babies said...

They showed Izzy in her prom dress from when Denny died and George in his Army uniform (that he never wore) going toward what seemed like a white light. There was no funeral for either. But in Meredith's narrating, she kept saying you have to say "I love you" basically before it is too late. They could surprise us and have them both back next season, but I highly doubt it - especially since Katharine Heigl's new movie was advertised during the season finale. As for Izzy, they did remove the tumor, but like her cancer patient friend in the beginning of the episode, her body was filled with too many toxins and her kidneys couldn't filter it out well enough and her body went into shock.

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