Saturday, January 13, 2007

Upromise - Start Saving Free Money for College

Saving for college is at the top of many parents' minds. But what if you could save money by purchasing the things that you already buy?

Upromise is the answer! Upromise is a free program designed to help families save for college. Thousands of companies help you save for college by contributing a percentage of what you spend on their products to your Upromise account. You can save when you shop online, at the grocery store, at the drug store, or when you travel or dine out. For example, you scan your Albertson's Preferred card while grocery shopping and Upromise does the calculating (and saving) for you!
Upromise has added their own toolbar to help you get special deals with their participating retailers!

You can even start saving before you have kids! For more information, visit Start saving now!

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