Friday, January 12, 2007

Feeling Frumpy?

Many of us have those days when we just don't feel as hot as we should. I had one of these days recently and found a nice pick-me- up that was free. I decided to watch my wedding video - not the whole thing, of course, just the nice 5 minute montage. It took me back to a great time when I wasn't worrying so much about houses, couches and babies.
And if you don't have a wedding video, perhaps you have wedding photos to remind you that you are hot! (Note: This also works when your husband has done something wrong and you want to remember why you married him!)
(Second Note: Shamelessly posting pictures of your wedding on a blog can help you feel hot again, too!)

Wedding photos courtesy of


Anonymous said...

What a hot bride you are! And your friends are hot, too;-)!-Kim O.

hiphostess said...

aww...what a fun day that was - I miss it! Thanks for picking out hot bridemaids dresses too :)

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