Thursday, January 11, 2007

Nursery Makeovers

While diligently entering the HGTV Dream House sweepstakes, I couldn't help but notice an advertisement for their Dreamy Nursery Makeover . I have a few friends who are pregnant with baby #2 and I know they aren't as excited about decorating (or redecorating) their nursery as they were with #1. (After all, with #1 around now, they don't have time to think about much else!) has pictures of nursery ideas (example shown above) as well as video of nursery makeovers.
American Baby also has cute ideas for nursery decor (example shown above),tips on how to prepare your nursery, and even ideas for multiple babies.


Romney said...

Your website is great! I keep looking at your blog becuase you add new ideas often. Thanks for all of the great advice!

hiphostess said...

I love the huge bird & tree silhouette on the walls! And the rugs and throw pillows are super cute too. I wouldn't mind this being my own room! (with a much, much bigger bed of course) :)

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