Monday, January 8, 2007

Moving Tips

Whether you are movin' on up to a bigger home, or relocating to a smaller one, unfortunately, you have to move your stuff. We all dread packing, and sometimes the unpacking can be even worse. Depending on your situation, you may be moving on your own or hiring a moving company (and if you are really lucky, your employer is taking care of the relocation).
One great tip a friend recently gave me was to label the boxes. But don't just write "kitchen" on the more specific. Write "dishes and silverware" if that is the case. If you can, write this info on all 4 sides of the box so that when it is surrounded by other boxes in your home, you can still see what is in it without having to move the other boxes around.
Another way of doing this (and I understand that many moving companies follow this protocol) is to number your boxes and keep a documented inventory of what is in each box. This can make it easier for retrieving your boxes, but also, it helps you keep track of all your belongings to make sure all of your things arrive to your new location. (Note: this numbering system is a good idea even if you decide to just label the boxes with their contents so that you an quickly know if any boxes are missing.)

To find more information on moving, go to On this site, you can check out helpful hints on moving, how to find a mover, and how to move pets, among many other topics.
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Amy said...

These suggestions are so true!! When we moved this last summer, I wish I had been more specific with labeling the boxes!! Half of the kitchen ended up in our home office for some reason!

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