Friday, January 5, 2007

Disposable Camcorders - Really?

This morning, a friend told me about an amazing new product that he used over the holidays. Pure Digital Technologies now makes a point and shoot camcorder. This camcorder records up to 60 minutes of video and you are able to playback and delete anything at any time. The camcorder comes equipped with a USB arm so that when you are ready to save your video to your computer, you simply connect the camcorder to your USB port.

From there, you can edit your video to send greetings to family or even create your own movie. (My friend showed me the movie he made and I was thoroughly impressed. He was able to add music, write subtitles, and provide credits.) Once you have downloaded the video to your computer, erase it from the camcorder and start again. And all for a little over 100 bucks! My friend found this item at Costco, but many other retailers carry it.

For your next trip to Disneyland or Sea World, instead of having to worry about your bulky $500+ camcorder, bring the point and shoot camcorder. You will get quality video and not be heart broken if something happens to it.

For those of you that are looking for something even more disposable, Pure Digital Technologies also makes a one-time use video camcorder, that takes up to 20 minutes of video and can be turned into a DVD at CVS and Rite Aid pharmacies. To find out more about these products, check out Pure Digital Technologies.


Phil said...

I like the plug for Pure Digital's camcorder, Leslie. Obviously I'm a little biased towards the product and company, but with the video age upon us (YouTube/ Google, MySpace, etc) getting your videos to the masses is a lot less painful on the pocket book with this $100 camcorder. It's also easy to use so even a non-tech savvy person, like myself, can start making videos in no time flat. Just think, everyone can have fun watching their "babies" on the tube relaxing on their "couches" all the while saving money so they can buy even bigger "houses".

Anonymous said...

These point and shoot camcorders are on sale at Rite Aid for $99 from January 12 - 18.

Leslie Swan said...

Thanks for the sale tip about Rite Aid. I saw in the Target ad in the Sunday paper that they also have the Point and Shoot camcorder for just $99. Happy shopping!

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