Friday, September 27, 2013

Holding On...For Sentimental Reasons

I opened my fridge to get my daughter some orange juice this morning and realized we have a 10-year old bottle of water!  

How do I know that it is 10 years old? We brought it back from our honeymoon in Tahiti 10 years ago, that's how! 

We brought it home, along with a bottle of Cristal that we picked up at the duty-free shops in Tahiti, as a reminder of our fabulous honeymoon and how we wanted to go back someday. Our original plan was at our five year anniversary, but with a 3 and almost 1 year old at that time, it just wasn't feasible. So we pushed it off to our 10 year anniversary. Needless to say, that didn't happen either. 

So the bottle still sits there. The funny thing is, my husband is kind of a cleaning freak and likes to throw things out. The fact that he has left it there for 10 years is astounding. 

Are we sentimental? 
Perhaps a little crazy? 
Most definitely!

But it bring a smile to my face every time I look at it. And that is certainly a great thing.

Someday, we will go back to Tahiti and brig back another water bottle to give it some company. And let's face it, that is much more economical than a black pearl!!!

What item(s) have you held on to that most would see as a toss away but you hold on to as a treasure?

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The Mrs. said...

OMG we are so alike it's insane. This is the cutest story! We honeymooned in GREECE and I JUST threw out a T shirt I bought there (the oly,pics were going on) but I have kept all my sandals and the slippers from our hotel!!!
PS I need your blog to be on BLoglovin! That's how I follow people! Can't find you!

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