Saturday, August 31, 2013

Kids Want to Know: Why do we Celebrate Labor Day?

Yesterday my son asked, "What is Labor Day?"  While it seems to have become a day to BBQ and the last day to wear white (not in my book, but I play by my own rules!), it really did start as something much bigger than that.  I thought for a second, and instead of giving him what I was pretty sure the answer was, we decided to Google it together.

Here's what we found, as copied and pasted from by my 8-year old son:

" Labor Day is a day set aside to pay tribute to working men and women. It has been celebrated a Labor unions themselves celebrated the first labor days in the United States, although there's some speculation as to exactly who came up with the idea. The first Labor Day parade occurred Sept. 5, 1882, in New York City. The workers' unions chose the first Monday in September because it was halfway between Independence Day and Thanksgiving."

So if your kids ask about Labor Day, here's your simple answer. For more complete information on Labor Day from this same TLC article, click here.

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