Thursday, May 2, 2013

Potty Training Part 2

Oh boy, I certainly felt prepared for potty training, but I never realized the one who needed to be trained was me! I was to blame for not getting it done in a week!

After the first day or two, I didn't stick with taking her to the potty. I even put her back in diapers for a few days. Well, this week we're back to trying every 30 minutes or so. Our large shipment arrived of Cinderella and Minnie Mouse pull-ups from Costco. They are a huge hit, I love that they have nighttime pull-ups too. She loves going on the big potty and only requests a cookie about once a day for her efforts.

Her sister was very interested the first day or two that the Cinderella pull ups were introduced, but now I can hardly get her to sit on the kid potty and usually she does it fully dressed! We'll give her an A for effort for now:) Our little potty trainer has developed her own potty time routine. She loves to flush, put the lid down, wash her hands with soap, dry them, and then give herself a squirt of hand lotion. She says it makes her hands so soft. Toddlers sure are something.  I hope that this mommy finally has the hang of potty training during week 2!

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