Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blogging Break

Kids get Spring Break and Winter Break.  This mom decided to take a Blogging Break. 

Yes, it has been awhile since I last posted something.  What have I been doing the past few weeks?

I have uncovered and eliminated lice in my two kids' hair (which involved cleaning my entire house with lots of heat), celebrated my oldest making his first communion, ran a 1/2 marathon(running a personal record of 1:46, I might add), chaired the PTA auction, both silent and live, at my son's school that generated 225% more profit than last year's event, and studied/passed the required 3 courses to take state real estate exam. 

At first, I felt guilty every time I didn't post something to the blog.  But then I realized, it's a blogger's prerogative to decide when and what they post.  It's a mom's prerogative to focus on her family and things outside of the world wide web.  (I rarely checked Facebook during this time either.) And since as a stay-at-home mom everyday is a vacation Emoji, I technically don't have a set time off. 

You know what I figured out, it was okay to check out for a while.  You are all okay, right?  I know that I am okay.  In fact, having a "break" was refreshing. 

And now I feel like blogging again.  I can't promise I will blog every day, but I will blog when I have something to share and the time to share it.  And that goes for our other fabulous Houses, Couches & Babies' blogger and expecting (again!) mommy, Liz.  

Posted by Leslie


funfavorites said...

I'm glad you're back and I can't believe how much you have done in the past few months! You're an amazing woman and mommy! Cheers to some summer fun in the sun!

Leslie Swan said...

Thanks, @funfavorites! It's always nice to receive praise from a fellow mommy! You are pretty amazing yourself!

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