Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Minecraft Themed Birthday Party

My son wanted a Minecraft themed birthday party, and that's what he got! 

It all started with his invitation.  These days, there is nothing like using Evite to track your RSVP's and to save potentially a ton of money on invitations.  So we opted for the insert your own image Evite invitation and our image featured Minecraft's main characters, Steve and a creeper.  (Or so that is what my son tells me!)

 The only thing that my son said he absolutely had to have was a creeper cake we saw featured on SunnyByDesign.

His other important detail: having his party at the Microsoft Store.  If you haven't heard, The Microsoft Store allows you to reserve their back private room for parties.  The cost: FREE!

The kids got to play Xbox, Xbox Kinect and games on their Surface tablets for 2 hours.  The kids were in heaven!

From a parent perspective, it was a super-easy party because the kids entertained themselves and all we had to do was make sure they had food when they were hungry and that we cut the cake on time.  The wonderful staff at the Microsoft Store took care of the rest. 

When it came to food, we were able to bring in anything we wanted.  We opted for cheese and pepperoni pizzas along with carrots, chips, Lava Sauce (salsa), and Creeper Guts (guacamole). 

 Then there were the treats...

There were Creeper krispie treats...


And "dirt" brownies with "grass" frosting...

And, of course, the Creeper cake!  This was my first time using fondant, which was definitely a learning experience.

But if you have seen the graphics on Minecraft, you know that it is pretty low-tech, so the imperfections make it more Minecraft {or so I am telling myself :)}.  My son was thrilled with his cake, which at the end of the day, is all that really matters!

The licorice rope TNT box favors were a great treat for the kids to take home, too!

 And since the food and desserts were in theme, we had to keep it going with the drinks, too. 

We served Creeper Juice (Ginger Ale), Steve's Dirt Juice (Root Beer) and Herobrine's H2O (Water) for the kids to drink.


Solid colored green and brown plates, napkins, cups and table cloths from Party City were used to tie it all in.  The only thing I didn't make which I now wish I had was a banner to place above the table.  But, live and learn, right?

After the party ended, my son was left with many fun memories and lots of cool gifts from his friends.

Thanks to Shutterfly, his guests received customized Minecraft thank you notes.  We simply applied a Minecraft image rather than the standard photo Shutterfly demonstrates.  I also helped my son out by having the message of "Thank you for helping me celebrate my birthday" printed inside the card so all that he had to write was a note of thanks for any gift he might have received.  

Want to create your own Minecraft party?  Check out Minecraft Papercraft for printable and image inspiration.  If you are interested in using any of the printables I created for this party, comment below or email us at

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