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Pregnant with Twins? Get Ready for Double the Work, Double the Rewards

A friend of mine is pregnant with twins and I was thinking of all the crazy parenting things I wish I knew before I had mine. I think in the back of my mind I thought I'd have it together by the time they were two. Here I am with toddler twins and I'm still at the store everyday in sweats that could pass as pajamas. I'm totally an episode of What Not to Wear. Who has time to change when you've got errands to run and two kids to keep on schedule? Totally embarrassing, but this is just my life!

I totally understand that everyone handles the stresses of parenting differently. Some do it more gracefully than others:) Some of these are true for any new parent, they just seem exaggerated for mothers of multiples.

Being a twin mom means...
1. Grandparents can't get jealous of each other because there is one baby for each to hold.
2. Double the snuggles, that's the best!
3. You get to enjoy the firsts x 2, usually within a few days or weeks.
4. You're very good at multi-tasking.
5. You get to dress them alike or differently, no matter what you decide, you have two little people to dress up!
6. They play with each other from a very early age.
7. They are more content to be left alone by you because they always have a companion.
8. They sleep better also because they do not feel alone.
9. You'll get to experience parenting different than many of your friends. It is a unique and special experience to be a mom of multiples.
10. The dad is a very involved parent because you need help.
11. They learn to share from an early age.
12. You will have an instant bond with all twin moms because it is like a sisterhood. They all know what you are going through.
13. You will cherish nap time and bed time and then you'll be so happy to see them wake up because you'll have missed them!


The not so fun stuff...
1. You will be stopped everywhere you go, twins attract a ton of attention.
2. People will tell you at least once a day you must have your hands full and you do, but you don't want to admit it.
3. If you buy 2 of something most of the time the other will want the one the sibling has or isn't interested in it at all. If you buy one, the other always wants it.
4. You'll have a hard time finding time to shower, do your hair, put on makeup and get dressed in "real" clothes. When you do, you might regret wearing the real clothes around the kids.
5. You'll rarely have time to shop for yourself. Hint: buy yourself something special before you give birth that you can enjoy wearing or carrying ( I bought myself a new purse) after the kids are here.
6. Your car and your house will be a constant mess. (Leslie tells me that is not exclusive to having twins!)
7. You will buy more diapers, formula and baby food than you every imagined and it will disappear faster than you ever thought possible.
8. Laundry and dishes will be never ending.
9. Your diaper bag will become your bag of tricks. You'll soon carry enough supplies to diaper, dress and feed an army of hungry children. The Skiphop duo double diaper bag is a favorite!
10. Everyone will ask you if twins run in your family. If they aren't natural, have your response ready. It can be funny, sarcastic or the truth, whatever you like!
11. You'll have a hard time carrying on a normal conversation or have any great social skills for the first year or two!
12. It is hard to find a babysitter aside from family that can manage multiples.

Twins are the most amazing thing ever and I feel so blessed to be a mother of multiples. There are months when I get in the groove and just when I start to feel like I have everything under control, they change and grow up a little more. I'm at that transition stage now that we've reached 2 1/2. Most days I feel like I might pull my hair out, but their funny comments remind me not to take everything too seriously.  If you or someone you know is pregnant with twins, always keep in mind it is a total roller coaster ride, so just sit back, laugh, cry and enjoy the ride!

Oh, and I couldn't resist sharing this MRI video showing one twin kicking the other twin in the womb.  This just proves what all mothers of twins already know!

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