Monday, October 8, 2012

Getting Glasses: Toddler Style

We recently discovered that one of my girls (age 2) has to wear glasses.  She is near-sighted and really should wear the glasses as much as possible. Our pediatric eye specialist suggested that we purchase Miraflex or Solo Bambini eye glasses, both Italian companies that make flexible glasses for toddlers. Little did I know that in our little town of 60,000 you can not purchase either brand. Luckily, my cousin is an ophthalmologist and was able to order the Miraflex glasses for me. I did find both brands at for a great price. Of course the child that would need glasses would be the one that never likes to wear them. Her twin sister on the other hand can be found wearing 1 or 2 pairs of princess sunglasses at a time.  

We knew this was going to be a challenge from the start, so we've tried to make this an exciting event by letting her pick out her glasses. We were not surprised when she picked pink. Today was the first day with the glasses and we wore them for a total of 10 min. and attempted probably about 5 times. We tried several times while reading books, eating and also watching cartoons. We're complimenting her like crazy and we've let her see herself in the mirror with them on. Right now her favorite thing is to play with them, by pulling them on and off. She has a pretty significant prescription so she should be able to tell a difference soon, we hope! My goal is to make putting on the glasses part of our daily routine. For now, each time that she wears them we're giving her a sticker. I'll let you all know if the rewards work. If anyone has suggestions, I would love to hear them. 

The real challenge might be the fact that this busy and easily distracted mother of twins is going to forget where I put the glasses when they come off. I guess it's a good thing we have two pairs. I might add that I have at least 4 pairs of sunglasses for this reason:)

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Update: In the past 5 days since writing this post, I've given up on stickers and now just try to put them on whenever I can. I'm also taking advantage of her being sick. I think she's not alert enough to pull them off as often.

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Victoria said...

Liz, little Olivia looks darling with her little glasses! I love the mirror idea, I bet she loves it! I think one thing that might help is if she sees you or Ahurne wearing your own glasses (even if they have no prescription) so that she can imitate you. She is so sweet!

Missing the girls deeply, please send them love and kisses from me and Joe!

Torrie Fry and Joe Henson

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