Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Month - How to Perform Your Monthly Self Breast Exam

In honor of this incredibly important month in women's health, board-certified Nurse Practitioner, Mimi Radman, will be sharing valuable information to help you better understand, prevent and detect breast cancer...in words we can all understand. (I have asked her to use terms we can all relate to and won't have to Google!)

Question:  What am I feeling for when I perform my monthly self breast exam?

Answer:  It's common for breast tissue, especially in younger women, to feel sort of bumpy and lumpy... Like big raisins in oatmeal. What you want to check for are hard nodules that feel like a frozen pea or a marble. Remember to feel all the way up into your armpit too. I think it's easiest to perform your breast exam in the shower where the soap and water allow your fingers to glide smoothly over your lady lumps. Perform the exam right after your period or when starting a new pack for those of you on the pill. If you feel anything of concern, see your health care provider.

Have any medical questions for Nurse Practitioner Mimi? 
Please feel free to email your questions to AskMimiNP@housescouchesandbabies.com.

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