Monday, February 13, 2012

Safety Tips for Kids

As part of my son's religious education program, last week our city's police services department came in to review safety tips with the kids. 

Here is a checklist they asked kids to review with their parents:
  • I KNOW my full name, home address & phone number, and parent's name and work phone number.
  • I KNOW what an emergency is and how to dial 9-1-1.
  • I KNOW that the "buddy system" should be used when I am not at home.
  • I KNOW which adults I can trust, if I need help, and where I can find them (even in public places)
  • I KNOW that a person should never touch me or ask me to touch them in private places
  • I KNOW to stay away from cars and people who offer me money, gifts or candy, and anyone who asks me for help.
  • I KNOW to be alert and aware of my surroundings and to scream and run if anyone tries to grab or follow me.
  • I KNOW to never open the door without an adult present.  
I reviewed this checklist with my son, and while he knew most of them, he didn't know our work phone number and our complete address.  So, now I know what I need to review with him.  And I now also have a checklist to review with our 4-year old.  While 4 seems a bit young, she definitely has the ability to memorize things (ie. princess songs), and it is never to early to memorize your address and phone number.

In fact, I have employed a system that a girlfriend from high school used in order to remember boys phone numbers - put a tune to it.  Pick a tune they know (ie. Mary had a little lamb) and apply your phone number or address.  Our daughter now loves to sing our phone number!

You can visit for more information and tips on how to prepare your children for emergencies.  

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