Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wishbone Drama - Now I Have Seen it All!

This year, my 6-year old son thought it would be fun to watch/help his grandpa cut the Thanksgiving turkey.  For all of his effort, my son received the wishbone.  Naturally, his 4-year old sister wanted it, too, but we compromised and said they would each get one side of the wishbone to see who ends up with the bigger side of the wishbone.

Activities and games like this never work out well in my home because someone always "loses."  I know it, and they know it.  And while I value the long-term lesson of having good sportsmanship and understanding that winning isn't everything, in the short-term, activities like these always seem to involve some sort of whining or crying!

After agreeing there would be absolutely no crying, they both began to pull on the wishbone.  After nearly 2 minutes of pulling, this is what happened:

The kids thought it was hilarious and I explained that they both got to make wishes.  And I suppose my wish came true, too - crisis averted! 

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