Monday, November 28, 2011

My First DIY Wreath

As I was getting out all of our Christmas decorations, I came across a wreath still in the box from 2008!  The wreath has lights, and unfortunately, the past few years, we just haven't found a place to hang it. 

This year, I was determined to change that.  With red and silver glitter ball ornaments (purchased after Christmas last year at Target for $0.25/tube of 8 ornaments) and wire ornament hangers (50 pack also purchased last year after Christmas for only $0.19), I set out on my journey to add some pizazz to this wreath.

First, my materials:

Then, I attached the wire hanger to the ornament:

Next, I fastened the wire hanger and ornament to the wreath:

Voila!  One ornament is attached!

Repeat the same steps and fasten the next ornament:

At first, I thought I wouldn't bling out the wreath too much...

 Then I decided, why not use all 16 ornaments!

I'm no Hostess with the Mostess, but I try to emulate! 

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